Dorm Essentials for 2022
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Dorm Essentials for 2022 – Cozy Dorm Room

Because I go to university overseas I had to be very selective in what I bought for my dorm. I ended up bringing a few things with me but most things I bought after I arrived. These Dorm Essentials for 2022 are everything that you need to buy for you dorm. I know that when buying stuff for your dorm it can quickly add up so I’ve tried to stick to the most budget friendly options.

Dorm Essentials for 2022

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This post is all about dorm essentials for 2022 that will make your room feel cozy.

For a cozy room

Fairy Lights

I think one of the first things I bought for my dorm was my fairy lights. Dorms usually have only one overhead light that’s pretty harsh so having fairy lights gives you some soft cozy lighting. Also they look cute.

I got these ones that are battery operated as my accommodation didn’t allow use to use one that plugged in. These ones also come with a remote which was really convenient!

Make sure you get a pack of extra batteries they will like die during the year especially if you use them a lot.

Fleece fitted sheet

I tend to get cold easily and I don’t like climbing into a cold bed. I have fleece sheets on my bed at home and when I found them online at uni I had to get them. I love snuggling into a fuzzy bed.

Satin Pillow Cases

Satin pillow cases was another thing from home that I made sure to have in my dorm. I swear by satin pillow cases. I have pretty fine hair so if I sleep on a cotton pillow case I wake up wit crazy tangled hair. Satin pillow cases stop that from happening.


For most people university is their first time moving away from home. Having pictures to decorate your room helps it feel more homey. I have a couple picture frames (including this f.r.i.e.n.d.s themed one) that I have by my desk.

I also hang pictures from my fairy lights with little clothes pins.

Throw blanket

An extra blanket to snuggle up under while you’re reading or wrap yourself in while you sit at your desk is a must in my opinion.

Scent Diffuser

Most dorms won’t allow you to have scented candles. Reed diffusers are a great alternative, you can usually get all the same scents but no fire risk! I love a nice warm scent like cinnamon in the winter to make my room feel cozy.

To Keep You Organized

Laundry Bag

I recommend a laundry bag over a basket because its easier to carry around to where you laundry facility is. It won’t necessarily be close, mine was a building over fro where I lived.

I have a drawstring style bag like this.

In retrospect I would have got a bag like this that stands up so you can use it as a hamper but it is still easy to cary around.

Storage Baskets

Depending on your dorm you may not have a whole lot of storage options. Storage baskets are a great way to keep any extra bits organized and out of the way when you don’t need them.

Drawer Organisers

Again, storage in a door is limited. Drawer organizer allow you to keep different things in your drawers and still keep it organized. This set from ikea is great as it has a bunch of different sizes. I use some to keep my clothes organized and then some for my makeup etc in another drawer.

These are also great because they fold down so they are nice and easy to pack away when you move.

Here are some similar ones from amazon:

Command Hooks

I LOVE command hooks. I honestly have so many up in my room. If you have’t used command hooks before they are hooks that you hand up using a temporary adhesive. So you can put as many up as you like without worrying about damaging your walls.

I have these mini hooks that I actually use to hang up my fairy lights.

These ones are great for hanging up coats, towels etc.

And finally I have some like these that I use for a key hook or to hang hair appliances.

Over the Door Organizer

I have a lot of shoes 😬. This is over the door organizer is the best way to store them, it keeps them out of the way but still in a spot I can easily grab them. The organizer is also useful for a bunch of other things. Right now the pockets that don’t have shoes hold other things like my hairstyling stuff (brushes, hairspray, dry shampoo) but you could also keep other things like snacks 😝.


These are the only kind of hangers I’ll buy. They are fuzzy, so your clothes won’t slide off of them. I actually ended up getting another set in second year because I brought more clothes back with me.

For your bathroom

Bathroom Organisers

Lots of accommodation in the UK offers ensuite bathrooms, so I was lucky enough to have my own bathroom. I had this set of organizers to keep everything in my bathroom and shower nice and tidy.

Some of my flatmates got a stand like this instead to keep everything in one place next to their sink.

Shower caddy

If you don’t have your own bathroom then you are going to need a shower caddy to keep your stuff in.

Towel set

Towels are a must for obvious reason. Getting a set is great then you’ll have a matching face cloth, and bath towels etc that you can keep for awhile.

I also love bath sheets, they are the oversized towels that you can just completely wrap yourself in. They are also longer than a normal bath towel which is nice when you’re tall.

Alternatively you can get a towel wrap thats elasticated so you don’t have to worry about it.

Over the Door Hooks

Over the door hooks are another great way to easily add an extra place to hang stuff. I use my to hang my towels up to dry.

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For your Desk

Desk Mirror

If you have a mirror in your room it won’t necessarily be in the most convent place and if you don’t doing you’re make in the bathroom is annoying. A desk mirror is great so that you can just sit at your desk and do your makeup. I have this simple one from ikea, which is really cute.

Here are some similar ones I found on Amazon.

Ring Holder or Trinket Dish

I definitely recommend getting a ring holder and/or a trinket dish is you wear jewellery. Having a specific place to put your regular jewellery means you don’t have to go searching for it, and it takes up way less space than a jewellery box.

My ring holder is one I bought at a pottery market but there are a bunch of cute ones on amazon.

My flatmate has an elephant ring holder and its adorable.

Also obsessed with this little aloe plant one πŸ₯Ί.

Desk Lamp

My dorm did have a desk lamp in first year but I would recommend checking to see if you are provided one. I ended up getting an extra lamp to keep by my bed for reading. It looks like a book and I love it ☺️.

These are some other ones on amazon that aren’t too expensive.

For you


Dorms can get cold so I would definitely get a nice cozy housecoat that you can lounge around in. This fluffy one looks so nice!

House shoes or slippers

Dorm floors can get kinda gross pretty quickly so make sure you have a pair of shoes or slippers to wear around. (I have both, plus a pair of reading socks).

Hot water bottle

I honestly don’t know if I could live without my hot water bottle now. I stick my and the end of my bed when its cold, or by my feet at my desk to keep me warm. They are also great for cramps.

These ones come with a fuzzy sleeve which is great because 1) it keeps it insulted and 2) its not too hot against your skin.

Lap Desk

A lap desk is great to have if you are going to be sitting on your bed working. I usually try to work from my desk, but sometimes I do sit in bed with my computer. Especially if it’s cold and I want to be under the covers.

Water bottle

Honestly if I don’t have a water bottle next to me I forget to drink any. Having one that has a drinking spout means that you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to unscrew a bottle to have a drink. I like to Contigo water bottles. They seal nicely when you aren’t drinking from them and they have a handle on top that you can clip on to your bag.

Nice Mug

A mug is a must for me! I’m probably terrible at drinking water because I’m constantly drinking tea. In my dorm packing list I recommend bringing your favourite mug from home. If you don’t have one that you want to bring, or just want an extra (I have three mugs currently).



This was something totally new from me coming from a province that is super dry, but the UK is actually relatively humid. When I hang my clothes to dry if I don’t have my dehumidifier going they take literally days to dry. This dehumidifier is nice and compact, and not too expensive. Mine sits on top of my night stand, and I just leaving if running during the day.

Note: If you are planning on using it in the uk make sure you are buying from amazon UK as the plugs are different.

Travel mug

I didn’t have a travel mug last year and I missed having it. If your in a rush in the morning and don’t have time to sit and have your coffee or tea, you can just throw it in your travel mug and take it with you. Otherwise I would ending up buying a coffee when I got in to uni (and spend money that I didn’t need to.)

This mug is also Contigo brand. They are cute (I have the pearly white one) and very functional. They insulate well and the sip top locks so you can throw it in your bag and not worry about it leaking.

Coffee Machine

Ok so a coffee machine isn’t a must have but it is nice to have. My flatmate in first year had one in her room and loved that she could just get up in the morning and make a coffee or make one while she was studying without going all the way to the kitchen.

Please do check your dorm rules before you buy one though, as some don’t allow you to have small appliances in your room.

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