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Study Room Ideas for A Cozy Study Space

When Setting up my study space I love making it somewhere I actually want to sit and work. I think the hardest part of decorating my study space was figuring out what to actually get. I knew the vibe I wanted – cozy, light academia aesthetic – but pulling that all together (and without spending too much) took some time. So here are some study room ideas for you, and where you can get everything you need for the perfect cozy study space.

Study Room Ideas

This post is all about study room ideas

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I get lots of inspiration from Pinterest (you can follow my study space inspo board here).

The Essentials

Lets start with the basics that you actually need for functionality.

A Desk Lamp

The architect style lamps or works lamps are one of my favourite style of desk lamps, and the style that recurred in a lot of my inspiration pictures

I got the Ikea Tertial work lamp. It is cute and doesn’t break the bank (lamps are surprisingly expensive?). It comes in a few colours but I loved the light blue.

This one was also super cute:

It’s also from Ikea and you can find it here.

Amazon also has lots of options for desk lamps :

Laptop stand

When I first started university I just used a stack of textbooks for a laptop stand, which worked for a bit but didn’t put my laptop at the right angle.

When I decided to get a real laptop stand, I wanted one that didn’t stand out from my space. I saw someone on instagram had a wooden one which I really liked.

I ended up finding this one on amazon:

It has been perfect, and it comes apart so you can pack it away.

Desk mat

Living in student housing the desk isn’t always what you want, a desk mat can really help transform the space.

I have this cork one from ikea and I love it. You can find it here.

Cork boards

Cork boards are perfect for hanging reminders (you definitely don’t want to miss any deadlines) and giving you a spot to hang a little bit of artwork.

This one from amazon is similar to the one in the picture:

I have a couple smaller square ones, which I like because I can rearrange them on the wall, or fit them in a different space when I move to a new place.

Pencil Holder

Aesthetic desk setup

I don’t use anything fancy for my pens and pencils. I like them easily within reach so they just sit in a jar and a mug on my desk.

The jar I use is just an old jam jar but if you wanted you could buy something a little more decorative:

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The Decor

Art Wall

I love these collage walls that people do around the desk. It gives you something to look at other than the wall and sticky notes.

I didn’t know this until recently but you can actually get sets of prints to do little collage walls from amazon.

I feel like the vintage style ones give the space a nice cozy feel.


Nothing makes a space feel cozy like a candle. I love having a candle burning while I work in the evening.

Make sure to check with your residence before you light any candles lots of dorm building don’t allow you to burn anything. But don’t worry you still have options! You can get electric candles if you are wanting to have the atmosphere of the light.

You can also get a candle warmer that melts the wax without lighting the candle.

Or if you just like the smell, lots of scented candles have a strong enough scent without burning them (I recommend getting one that has a lid).

Our you can just get some candles for decor:

You can get this venus statue candle and other statue candles from amazon:

I hope you’ve enjoyed all these study room ideas and you have fun decorating your study space! if you found some inspiration here I’d love to see the results! You can find me on instagram @littlewalletbigdreams.

And if you want more inspo make sure to follow my Pinterest! I’m always adding new inspiration there!

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