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Sunrise in Newcastle

I’m still not quite sure what possessed my flatmates to come up with this idea but they decided one day that we should get up and walk to the park to watch the sunrise one morning. I’m even less sure, as someone who is definitely not a morning person, what possessed me to agree to this plan.

When we actually got up the morning we decided to do this it was quite windy out and one of my flatmates messaged and suggested we maybe do it another day but I was already up and awake at that point so that was a big no. We did end up leaving the flat a little later than planned (no one should be surprised) so by the time we started walking the sun was already starting to come up a bit.

It was fairly windy once we were outside but it wasn’t too cold. When we finally made it to the Town Moor we decided to go to the top of a hill for a better view. We had made it in time to sit and watch the sun come up over the horizon and take some pretty pictures. It was also nice to sit and enjoy the sun coming up and the birds starting to sing. It was one of the moments since I’ve been here that it’s really registered with me that I’m actually living in a different country and that I’m so lucky to be having experiences like these.

Once the sun had come up we made our way down the hill and walked over to exhibition park. We took a walk around the pond (got some pictures of swans) and saw some really cute dogs running around and then headed back to our flat and got a start on the day.


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