• French toast

    Sunday Morning French Toast

    French toast is super easy to make and a great way to use up bread that is starting to go stale. This French toast has a bit of sugar in the egg mixture which adds a bit of sweetness and helps you get a crispy golden crust on the outside. What kind of bread should you use? The best kind of bread to use is something like a thick sliced French bread. You get a nice fluffy piece of French toast the is soft on the inside with a crisp outside. That being said, you can use any type of bread to make French toast. My family often uses regular…

  • Recipes

    Spinach and Mushroom Crepes

    So I’ve discovered that the English consider crepes pancakes and what I would call a pancake they refer to as American pancakes. Everyone in my flat disagrees with this including my flatmate from France who says crepes and pancakes are two different things. Instead, we’ve come to the conclusion the English are weird. Anyways, how this came about was for pancake day we decided to make pancakes and crepes for dinner. We decided on savory crepes for dinner and pancakes for dessert. We didn’t have a recipe in mind so we just started throwing whatever we had in the fridge together. The crepes were so good that we ended up…